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Situated in shadow of the magnificent Chewings Ranges Hamilton Downs Youth Camp offer youth groups and other visitors a wide range of facilities. For individuals seeking a resting place from an exhilarating walk along the Larrapinta trail, holiday makers or youth groups the camp offers a warm, comfortable and idyllic sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city and town life. This is a bush camp that many in the bush just dream of...Yet retaining the atmosphere and  ambiance of the real outback of Australia with the reminders of the pioneers who opened up this country. The historic houses and buildings are maintained as they were in the 1800's.


The Facilities include:

  • Fully equipped kitchen with a eight-burner gas range

  • Plates, bowls etc. and cutlery for 120 guests.

  • Dishwashing necessaries such as scourers, detergent, tea towels etc.

  • Modern ablution block  with hot showers.

  • Equipment for volleyball, soccer, basketball, boule's, horse-shoe quoits.

  • Caretaker in residence.

  • Internet available. Satellite service - charges apply

  • Washing machines, and laundry powder.

  • Telephone…..for emergency use only.

A bush camp...Historic...Comfortable, in an idyllic location.















Water & Power - Use of solar energy

The camp relies on solar power for the pumping of water from an underground aquifer. Potable (Drinking water) is treated by reverse osmosis (RO) to ensure the highest possible levels of purity. The RO system is powered by solar panels. Water is sampled and checked in the NT Governments laboratory’s on a regular basis.


All electricity is provided by a Solar panel array with backup of a gas powered generator set. The amount of power is limited and advice should be obtained if groups are considering using any large appliances – Projectors, amplifiers, heaters etc.


The solar units are of world class design, maintained by Hamilton Downs Youth Camp and offer an opportunity for groups to understand first hand the workings of a solar units to provide electricity, pump and manage waters supply.


A newly installed reverse osmosis treatment plant ensures the highest quality of treated potable water. A quality not available in most other remote camp and public camping areas.

































Main Bunkhouse

  • Accommodation is available in the new bunkhouse that has two areas with accommodation for 16 in each area - 4 double bunks in two rooms in two of each dorm - Total 32. A central connecting area is useful for meetings, tutors or as a lounge area for relaxation.

  • Additional accommodation in the Historic houses is also available where a total of 34 bunk beds are available.

  • All beds are steel-framed beds bunks with mattresses provided.

  • You will need to bring your own bedding…..swag, or sleeping bag, or sheets and blankets and pillow.

  • Swags are ideally suitable for sleeping / camping under the stars.



  • Fully equipped kitchen with two commercial gas ranges – two full ovens and eight burners

  • Extensive stainless steel benches

  • Wash up sink – hot and cold water.

  • Large dish wash up area with two sinks - hot and cold water.

  • Catering equipment – Pots, pans, utensils.

  • Three large refrigerators with freezers.

  • Barbecue pit. Grill plate. BBQ Spit.

  • Outdoor fire pit for campfire.

  • Plates, bowls, cups cutlery etc for 120 guests

  • Servery


Hamilton Downs is a self-catering facility. Please remember to bring all your food requirements including the following:

  • Food - Dry goods and perishable
  • Cling wrap and alfoil
  • Condiments


  • There are three large refrigerators with freezers.



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