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Hamilton Downs Youth Camp is the site of the original pastoral lease of Hamilton Downs Station.

The restoration of the buildings over many years has painstakingly restored some of the original buildings to the same finish of the original buildings.

The Hamilton Downs Youth Camp management committee has undertaken much of this work and is extremely proud of the state that these buildings have been brought up to.

There is much work still to do. This is expensive and many of the traditional trades and skills are slowly being lost.

Of recent times we are indebted to Alex Coppock and 'Punch' Hall for the work that they did to replace the roof timbers in the Blacksmiths shop and original harness area that now serves as a repository for historical artifacts.

On the planning board for the management committee as a priority is the restoration of the original 'meat house', repairs to the stone walls of the original stone walls that are now corroding with rising damp, repairs to the windmill and walls of the well.

A detailed refurbishment plan has been prepared and it is the intention of the committee to continue to work on these projects one at a time as funds allow.

One of our priority jobs is to refurbish the windmill into a working water pump so that visitors will be able to see how water is harvested from the underground aquifers.































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