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Hamilton Downs is one and a half hours drive from Alice Springs, 25 kms off the Tanami Highway, an all-weather track which is suitable for use by conventional two-wheel drive vehicles.

Among the attractions are bushwalking ( including three self-guided interpretive nature trails), bird watching, audio guide of the homestead.

 Of particular interest for walkers is the seven-hour circuit from the Homestead, up on to the part of Stage three of the Larapinta Trail, and back “home” via  Fish Hole. This is a moderately difficult walk.

A road map is included in the Maps section. Road Map

Other facilities include:

Sporting goals for soccer, basketball.  Volleyball net are all here as are the world-famous and ever-popular geeters. Don't know what that is...Come on out and we will show you and your group.

There are three interpretive nature trails, of varying lengths. These are self guiding or, the caretaker, is more than happy to be your group’s guide.

A moderately difficult walk up on to the Chewings Range is a highlight for Secondary-aged students who are fit. (The caretaker reserves the right to refuse to take students who he feels may not be able to cope with the conditions.

Learning activities are available, based on photographs of the heritage-listed buildings. A well researched curriculum based workbook that contains a wide portfolio of activities for all ages is available. Workbook

An audio guide is available also.




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